Apply 4 WIC

We are here to help! If you have already checked your eligibility for WIC benefits, then please fill out the below information:

Date of Birth
Home Address
Mailing address (if different from home address)
Mobile number
Can you receive text messages
E-mail Address
What is your preferred language
Do you have MediCal
If yes, MediCal Case #
Please select all that apply

Please choose the WIC Clinic Closest to you

To complete your enrollment send in the following documents to Note - If you currently have MediCal or are in the process of getting approved for MediCal you are automatically eligible for WIC and do not have to complete Steps 1&2.

     1. Proof of address (photographs are OK)
     2. Proof of income (photographs are OK)
     3. Choose and send in completed form that describes your family status
          a. Pregnant (1 and 2)
          b. Postpartum (1 and 2 and if any breastfeeding 3)
          c. Infant (1 and if any breastfeeding 2)
          d. Child (1)

Thank you for submitting your information. Please be aware that A WIC staff will be connecting with you through e-mail or phone or text message.

This Institution is an equal opportunity provider